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    Lockers for the festivals

    Automatic lockers set on the beach allows earning good money in summer and is payed off on average per month. High income is provided by the service of the safety of belongings, terminal for mobile device charging, paid access to the Internet, payment terminal, service of ordering taxi and pizza, vending machine, information kiosk, and beach radio. This beach equipment has proved itself well in Ukraine and Georgia. This is a popular business on the beaches of Russia, Crimea and Europe. By installing lockers on festivals and beach resorts you will get a non-stop 24/7 income.

    This type of equipment requires the mandatory use of the sunshade and installation of roller shutters on the front side. Uninterruptible power supply provides autonomous operation for 2 days. Collapsible cases provide cost savings on shipping. In winter time the lockers can be used on the ice rinks, ski resorts, and nightclubs.

    Attention!Automatic lockers for festivals are limited. Order of the equipment is made within 25 days. Delivery to the beaches of Russia, Crimea, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Baltic states and Europe is made within 15-25 days.

    Packstations / Postamats

    Solution available for online shops and courier services

    This equipment has been implemented on the basis of computer locker, therefore, it is cheap. There is a possibility of implementing powerful server end to be integrated into the program databases of the online shops and courier services. This equipment allows full automation of the station of collection and dispatch of orders and parcels.

    Attention!Packstation / postamat may work as a vending machine.

    There is no need in a separate premise for this equipment. It can be set outdoors, in 24-hour supermarket, shopping center or residential complex. It also doesn’t require any staff and workplaces. All you need is a courier, who will collect all orders and loads parcels into the free cells. Parcels may be collected and sent 24 hours a day. One can also order or return the goods. By installing this automated complex, you will significantly reduce cost of logistics, decrease the time of the order service, and implement free delivery for the customer.

    You can increase sales by 30-60 %
    via function
    «postamat – vending machine»
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    Lockers for bus and railway stations

    We produce automatic lockers for airports, railway and bus stations according to all international standards. Control block is equipped with full-color touch screen 17", bill acceptor, printer, and computer. The modular system of different size automatic cells (for large suitcases and travel bags) allows placing belongings safely in any convenient place. Our company manufactures automatic lockers on the basis of computer; therefore, our modules differ from similar models made on the basis of microcontroller. Such equipment is a breakthrough in 2015 vending business with a high income and profitability.

    Advantages of the lockers produced by MVK-Mash:
    • multilanguage;
    • voice guidance;
    • remote access;
    • video surveillance;
    • multirate;
    • flexibility in software configuration;
    • uninterruptible power supply;
    • terminal of mobile device charging and paid access to the Internet;
    • payment terminal;
    • packstation (postamat) module.

    Our company provides delivery of automatic lockers for bus and railway stations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, the Baltic countries and the European countries within 7-10 days. Check the availability in advance.

    Automatic lockers for shops

    This equipment can be placed in supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping and entertainment centers, and on enterprises. It allows increasing time of the client’s staying in the sales area by 30%. This result is achieved, because the buyers fully trust the automatic lockers. Now they can leave their belongings, outerwear and purchases (everything that creates discomfort and urge them to the exit) in locker’s cells. Automatic lockers produced by MVK-Mash on the basis of computer compare favorably with Chinese similar devices and have number of advantages.

    Advantages of the automatic lockers for shops:
    • Reduces the risk of theft of personal belongings of the visitors down to zero;
    • Substantial savings on locks, keys and labels;
    • Full-color, multi-language interface provides information about products and services of the shop;
    • Additional income is provided by the terminal of mobile device charging, paid access to the Internet, payment terminal, information kiosk, and video advertisements;
    • Possibility of creating the packstation (postamat) – station of collection and dispatch of parcels.

    All this will help to attract more visitors, ensure the comfort of customers and receive favorable feedback in the media.

    Payment terminals, vending machines, automated kiosks.

    Есть возможность установки в ячейках мини холодильников

    We are constantly engaged in the search, development and implementation of new types of equipment for vending. Our company is ready to start mass production in the following areas:

    1. Terminal of mobile device charging and paid access to Wi-Fi. They are installed in public places, parks, and streets. Key features:

    • charging of mobile phones, tablets, e-books and other mobile devices through the universal set of chargers inside the cell;
    • paid access to Wi-Fi using a special code (one code per one device). The range of one point is up to 180 m. Several points may be combined into a single network;
    • possibility of implementation of the terminal for payment and ordering taxi
    • this terminal can be combined with automatic lockers and postamat.
    2. Vending machine.

    Cells may be of different sizes and equipped with transparent doors. User can pick up goods placed inside after the payment of its cost. This equipment provides very fast loading of the goods via bar codes. Such automats are relevant for:

    • breakable goods or products requiring careful handling (liquids in glass bottles, mobile phones, eggs);
    • goods of non-standard sizes (tires);
    • paint materials near the building shops;
    • oils, cans, windscreen washers, etc., at petrol stations.
    3. Automatic stations of acceptance and delivery of items to the laundry (dry cleaning). These devices are installed for maintenance of service centers for repairing mobile electronics. They also have cells of different sizes for specific needs.

    Attention! We fully support advanced developments. Send us your ideas for the cost calculation.

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    Leasing and credit

    Our cameras are installed:

    On the bus and railway stations

    The first locker was installed at the bus station in Lviv (Ukraine) in October 2013. This station was rebuilt and needed equipment of new generation. At that time, similar automatic lockers were installed at stations in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Minsk and other large cities.

    At the festivals

    Our equipment underwent a powerful testing in Kazantip 2014 in Georgia. The lockers were delivered by sea; and because their casings were dismantled, we saved on delivery. No special tools were required for assembling the lockers, which was held in the open air. Earnings for one day of work of the lockers exceeded $ 200.

    On the beaches

    Lockers for the beaches of the Crimea, mainland Ukraine, Krasnodar Territory and Bulgaria have been produced and installed since 2009. By installing automatic locker on the beach, you get a business with high passive income 24/7. Service of safety of personal belongings, terminal for charging mobile devices, online access to the Internet, payment terminal, ordering taxi and pizza — all this brings the owner from $ 900 per month.

    In the shopping centres

    It's easy to install the lockers at events. The main arguments for the organizers are: fight against theft, provision of amenities and service. Most often, the owner of the lockers do not pay the rent and take all cash themselves. Rent of cells, charging mobile devices, paid Internet, payment terminal — all this gives an income of $ 50-70 a day.

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