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Smart Lockers
December 16, 2014

Preparation of two automatic complexes for Kazakhstan railway stations.

We are preparing automatic complexes for shipment to Kazakhstan. This equipment will be installed at railway stations in the spring of 2015 and will provide a service for the preservation of things of a European level. The customer negotiated with manufacturers of automatic lockers for 9 months. Finally, the choice settled on our company. We won in price - after all, the cost of our lockers is the lowest in terms of production and functionality. In addition, against the background of all the other offers, we also won because only our company produces computer-based automation.

Visualization of an automatic lockers

So, as if carrying a baby, Kazakhstan signs a contract with us for the supply of two complexes of an automatic lockers for two railway stations of the country. The cells are for large bags. The complex itself is 2 meters high. A seventeen-inch full-color touch screen provides a clear "grandma can figure it out" user interface. Voice guidance and interface in two languages. Flexible admin. the panel will help to configure the equipment for any vagaries of the administration of the station.

All equipment was installed as soon as possible, which was another of our advantages. A very profitable business could be opened on its basis, especially if you add devices for charging mobile devices and paid Internet access points to it. Well, but, in general, the complexes turned out nice. We hope that they will delight visitors and management of the station.
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