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Smart Lockers
October 17, 2014

Testing of automatic storage cameras under the gun of mass media cameras

The tourism exhibition UITT 2014 went very well. We checked the relevance and" working ability "of automatic lockers. The equipment was installed at the entrance of the exhibition complex. The entire package of services is included:l ockers with an alarm system, vending machines for charging mobile phones, Wi-Fi access point, to provide paid access to the Internet. So, visitors come to the registration point, make out and hand over things for safety. And now, free from bags, suitcases and outerwear, they go to the very depths of the exhibition, not worrying about the integrity and inviolability of their belongings. We analyzed the movement of customers near automatic lockers. And it was noticed that the hype for the services of an automatic lockers occurs in three cases.

Automatic Luggage Storage at the 2014 UITT Tourism Exhibition In the area of 10-11 in the morning, when the main stream of visitors to the exhibition. After 13.00, when visitors collected promotional products and llockers act as temporary storage for it. And after 15.00, some people already have smartphones and use the service of charging mobile devices. In general, profit was guaranteed to us! Automatic lockers - fast-paced business affordable for everyone! And working with direct manufacturers is much more comfortable and cheaper, because we can replace or add components to our equipment. At the request of the customer, we can change the algorithm, the operation of the program itself, add interface languages, implement the corporate identity. Which is very convenient for organizing such exhibitions, because people come from different countries and want to be understood, and not always poking around at translators
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