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Smart Lockers
August 20, 2015

The story of a girl who launched her business in lockers.

We want to talk about a brave and very enterprising girl. Her name is Anna. She is 29 years old. Fragile, beautiful and at the same time bold and courageous. One of the striking examples of how women easily open their own business!

While many doubted whether to start a business or not, she acted decisively! However, her speed was simply staggering. In one day, she found out everything about us, our automatic lockers and their additional capabilities (handsets for charging phones, vending machines, equipment for installing Internet access points and much more) and about the business itself.
In just two days, she managed to agree on a place on the beach in Odessa and terminate the agreement, because they put sky-high figures on rent for a piece of the beach.

Anna But I didn't give up and went to the Ibiza Beach Club, where I came across an administrator who was pulling rubber: "Well, I don't know, let's go tomorrow." Tomorrow she did not wait and tried to negotiate with other clubs. And on the 4th day of running around the beaches, she gets to the director of the Ithaka beach club and receives from him: "Put it, work. No money needed. The service is necessary ... ".

But the full amount for the order of the automatic complex was not enough for her. She found an investor. I ordered equipment. Our team arrived at the installation. Collected, connected. Launched.

Then, we walked around and found a couple of vending machines in the neighborhood. Rewrote technical support phones. Phoned. We talked on the topic that they would provide technical support to our cabinets. They agreed to do this for a low percentage.
We showed the equipment. The subtleties of his work were told. Our cabinets were still damp, and at first it was necessary to look after them. But this issue was resolved with lightning speed. As a result, Anna received a business with local technical support. And on her shoulders fell the difficult task of doing the most enjoyable thing in vending - collection. God, how nice it is - you come on a languid summer evening, you open a banknote and you get a wad of money from there.

Anna So patience and labor will grind everything.
And this is far from an isolated case when in clubs, cafes, shopping centers, at stations and airports they are allowed to install automatic lockers absolutely free of charge. Indeed, for the administration, the preservation of things and the fight against their loss is very important. And mechanical lockers often cannot provide decent service. In addition, an additional advantage is the availability of automatic machines for charging mobile phones, which helps the administration to keep customers longer.

So the brave girl Anna opened her own business on the most favorable conditions, because it is so easy to do with our automatic lockers offices!
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