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Smart Lockers
May 21, 2015

We began the installation of automatic lockers in a supermarket chain.

We started installing automatic lockers in the MegaMarket supermarket chain. The complex turned out to be glorious. Now visitors to the store will be able to leave their things and are not afraid that they will be stolen.

Such equipment will allow the store to solve 2 problems:
- increase the level of service.
- increase the time spent by the customer in the store up to 30%.

After all, customers will be delayed by machines for charging phones, Internet access paid points, installation of payment terminals and, of course, post offices. Also, experience shows that visitors trust automatic storage rooms much more than ordinary mechanical ones. Installing an automatic storage room in the MegaMarket hypermarket in Kiev Therefore, they are not worried about the safety of their belongings, are in no hurry to leave the store and make more purchases.

In addition, the automatic locker has the following advantages:
1. Reliability of locks. The guaranteed number of openings of the electric latch is 1 million times.
2. There is no need to use keys, which gives a number of advantages: • the lock is not loose; • no need to change the lock if the key is lost; • it is not necessary to ensure that the visitor does not have a key with him; • lack of costs associated with the purchase of key labels with cell numbers.
3. The elimination of scandals related to the loss of personal belongings of visitors to the store.
4. The lock is protected from foreign objects.
5. The screen will provide information about the products and services of the store.

Additional functions - additional income Based on an automatic locker, you can implement additional services: - recharging phones; - access to the Internet; - payment terminal, - post office / post office, point of issue of orders, etc. Since we are direct manufacturers, we provide a complete set and production to your requirements. We will color the cabinets in any colors. We provide warranty and service. We provide quality equipment that you can buy at an affordable price. Open a new business at its base or strengthen the old one.
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