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Smart Lockers
April 23, 2015

Ukrainian production at the tourism exhibition UITT 2015.

Why is it profitable to produce in Ukraine?
Our main production facilities, the development department and the assembly shop for automatic storage rooms are located in Ukraine, Kiev. With this location we managed to reduce absolutely all costs at all stages of production, from development to assembly. And the specialists working on the project completed one of the best technical universities in the CIS is NTUU "KPI".

The average salary of a technical specialist in Ukraine is 300-400 dollars per month. Cheap resources (electricity, water, raw materials), excellent technical base, advantageous geographical location - all this allows us to qualitatively satisfy the needs of our customers at prices that are pleasant to them. We help them start their own business and thereby develop their own. In addition, our automatic lockers provide the ability to assemble them anywhere.
Head office building We produce collapsible cases that allow you to assemble one storage chamber module into twelve cells in 30-40 minutes. Electronic peripherals are easy to install and just as easily removable.

All installation of an automatic lockers does not require special knowledge and tools. And as direct manufacturers, we offer additional components in the form of machines for charging phones and equipment for installing Internet access points.

The organization of a Ukrainian-Russian enterprise for the production of automatic storage rooms makes it possible to accept payments from Russian customers and ship products domestically, without any risk to them. Our Russian company is located in Moscow, at ul. Kuskovskaya, house 16, room 3, room 1. When ordering products in Russia, a supply contract is concluded with a Russian company.

Thus, the Russian customer company receives automatic lockers in the shortest possible time. After all, everyone knows: time is money. And if you order automatic lockers in Ukraine, you conclude a contract directly with the company developing the automatic lockers and postmats of MVK Group LLC.

This company is located in Kiev, at ul. Solomenskaya 3, of. 810. In addition, we have a representative office in Europe. At the moment, we are talking about building a workshop for the assembly of computer left-luggage offices and post offices directly in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Spain. As you can see, we organized our activities in such a way as to provide you with maximum comfort and minimum costs. Start your business with us and get high-quality equipment and service at a low price and a claim to a high level of income.
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