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Smart Lockers
June 3, 2015

We began the installation of automatic complexes in beach clubs.

After analyzing the operation of the complexes, we noticed that automatic lockers began to bring more income at night. Girls bring purses, guys drinks and prohibited items to the club to the club. At the entrance to the club put a luggage room, and now, all these things can be put into storage there. As a result, people got into the club without any problems, the administration takes off their worries for visitors' things. Further, even more interesting. At night, many discharged the phone and there is an urgent need for charging. An automatic locker with a mobile charging terminal at your fingertips. I went. I put it on charge and then you dance yourself. The culmination of this whole evening on making money on automation is a taxi call.

Automatic luggage storage near the beach club Beach clubs are usually far from traffic intersections and it is not possible to quickly call a taxi from the phone. Especially late at night. A man approaches the terminal of the left-luggage office, presses the taxi call button, enters his number and, behold, the dispatcher calls him back and tells him the number of the car. Thus, the opportunity to open a new branch of the "night" business.

The cost of automatic lockers is small, you can buy them with all the stuffing (automatic machines for recharging phones, equipment for establishing Internet access points, the function of automatically calling a taxi, etc.). We are always open to the implementation of new functionality. Just let us know what service you want to see together with the cabinets and we will implement it. In addition, all equipment is very compact during transportation, which will help to save even more when opening your own business or with proper development and strengthening of the old.
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