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Smart Lockers
February 2015

Installing a new bill acceptor on our equipment and manufacturing advertising citylights with the image of our services.

We have launched the introduction of a new multi-currency bill acceptor, which will allow us to implement the function of issuing change for users. Such a function will provide a more comfortable use of our automatic locker, you will no longer need to look for money to exchange without payment. Bill acceptor is a big, smart and very practical machine. For a month, three programmers sharpened their teeth on this device. Not immediately she succumbed to us. Very tricky data transfer protocols that protect the billstore from unauthorized reading of information.

In addition, they carried along for a long time with the completion of the hull. The hulk did not fit in the usual exit cabinet, and the principle of access to the main compartment of the automatic locker had to be changed by installing vertically rising doors on the shock absorber. Now, when the door is raised, a mini table is formed, where the keyboard is placed and the mouse is used during commissioning. In general, everything turned out very not bad. We know that the first way to business development is competitiveness. By improving the quality of our automatic lockers, we increase our competitiveness and the competitiveness of our customers who want to open their business on the basis of our automatic lockers.
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