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Smart Lockers
April 23, 2015

We ship an automatic complex for a sports school

The same time joyful and sad!
Left the "mother" a small automatic complex, designed for a sports school. Now children will be able to put their things and charge the phone. After all, we have installed a complex of small-sized automatic locker with built-in machines for charging phones. In general, the installation of automatic lockers in educational institutions has both a great social character and a deep market.

Remember American films, where luggage lockers are installed everywhere in schools and colleges. Now more and more schools in Ukraine and Russia, children have to wear interchangeable clothes and shoes. Heavy books.

Loading auto complex for a sports school Every student has a smartphone that needs to be charged. We are generally silent about institutions and dormitories. There the field is not plowed. Of course, the cost of services for the preservation of things in educational institutions should be at a minimum level. But this is a good investment in a long-term business. In a business that has just begun to emerge. Moreover, with dreams your equipment costs will be minimal.

By purchasing and equipping automatic left-luggage offices once, you will ensure a regular flow of profit for a long time. Your business, while it is new to our countries, will be able to quickly develop and expand. The first business project will necessarily be followed by a second and so on. Dear entrepreneurs, we will help in every way to expand new markets. It is necessary to take and do. Remember that whoever first takes a niche will take the cream.
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