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Smart Lockers
November 2014

An automatic locker provides paid access to the Internet for all visitors to WorldFood 2014

Automatic storage rooms are becoming increasingly popular and the organizers of WorldFood 2014 entrusted us with providing Internet coverage for the entire exhibition. We installed two access points on professional equipment of the UniFi trademark.

Thus, it turned out to provide high-quality Internet with two input groups. In the hall where the exhibition was held, the signal was excellent. But due to the large number of receiving and transmitting devices (mobile phones).

The data transmission ether was heavily polluted and we failed to fully provide high-quality Internet. Honestly, we were not ready for this. Our team made conclusions, and now we know that in order to provide a good data transmission signal in crowded places, it is necessary to install a larger number of access points and switch to a different data transmission frequency.

Upon arrival home, all the shortcomings were taken into account and will be corrected, because as a result, the lion's share of the cash desk was due to the sale of Internet connection services. People are really ready to pay for high-quality Internet, and you can build a wonderful business on this. Which even a fragile woman or girl can easily control.
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