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Smart Lockers
March 11-13 2015

VENDEXPO-2015 Vending Exhibition, Moscow.

Production of post offices (postamates)
We took part in a vending exhibition in Moscow. We were at a loss. We did not bring equipment with us. At the exhibition we met with representatives of the largest online stores in Russia, such as Citylink, Enter, Wildberries, ON NO, City Express courier service and MosGorTrans state-owned company providing transport in Moscow. For 4 days, it turned out to hold 16 meetings with the heads of online stores, courier services and state enterprises. Mainly talked about post offices (postamas), automated points of delivery of orders. The same is true for automatic lockers at train stations.
Basically, the problems for everyone are the same. Automation and optimization of delivery processes. Installation of automatic points of delivery of orders in remote areas of Moscow and St. Petersburg, which will ensure the issuance of orders 24/7.

Automatic lockers at the exhibition VENDEXPO-2015, Moscow. They will allow to expand the delivery and delivery of parcels in the regions of Russia. To optimize the operation of the line of points of delivery. Significantly save on staff wages. In general, we talked a lot. We heard and suggested a lot of ideas, we got a lot of information for ourselves. Many are interested in how it happened that we began to produce post offices (in Russia they are often called postamates)?

Post office, postomat - the logical development of a computer left-luggage office. This device is intended for sending and receiving postal and small-sized cargo parcels, packages with documents. Recently, post offices are increasingly used as machines for issuing purchases made in online stores. This is an excellent solution for building a convenient and affordable logistics solution in the delivery of goods to consumers. The post office machine saves time and money to all interested parties: the seller, the delivery service, the buyer. The courier does not need to stand in traffic jams during the daytime, trying to deliver the buyer his purchase at the agreed time. No need to wait for him.
Automatic left-luggage office at the exhibition VENDEXPO-2015, Moscow. Parcels can be downloaded to the post office at night, quickly, at minimal cost. The buyer can receive them at any time, day or night - at his convenience. His satisfaction with the purchase is not overshadowed by delivery problems. He has the ability to "monitor" the entire process of delivering his purchase to the post office. If for some reason the product did not fit, the buyer has the opportunity to send it back also by post office. Key Features:
- A large number of cells of various sizes (from 50);
- Management through the touch screen;
- Synchronization with servers and a database of delivery and logistics services, courier services;
- Sending an SMS message with the data about the parcel to the phone number indicated by the courier occurs immediately after the parcel has been placed;

Automatic left-luggage office at the exhibition VENDEXPO-2015, Moscow.
- Login via mobile phone number and waybill number (cargo code);
- Possibility of street placement, high resistance to vandalism and adverse weather conditions;
- Ordering goods directly in the post office menu;
- Return or exchange of goods. In fact, a computer left-luggage office
- a post office - is an automatic complex for receiving and sending parcels. Now there is no need to rent or buy premises for offices of courier and transport services.

Make repairs there and purchase equipment. There is no need to accept, pay salaries and dismiss employees. There is no need to pay huge bills for light, water and sewage. The automatic postal station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week without a lunch break. Such an automated station knows several languages and is always pleasant in communication.
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