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Smart Lockers
July 2014

Assembly and installation of an automatic complex for the beach in Zaporozhye.

Consultations with the customer lasted several weeks. As a result, the business idea was recognized as profitable and approved a small complex of 24 cells. Automation contained a mobile device charging terminal and beach radio, which would increase the number of customers and make our project quickly payback. A mandatory attribute of protection against vandalism was to serve as a built-in car alarm. Paid access to the Internet, a taxi and pizza delivery service, a payment terminal, working around the clock and seven days a week, should have provided a good additional income on the beach.

Installing electronic components in an automatic storage room The order was approved and put into operation. New cases were ready in 20 days. Installation of electronics took almost a week. It turned out to install and run the full "kit" not immediately. It hurt a lot of everything was tied together and was raw. Some Chinese components made us work hard. Time was running out. Dates pressed. Qualitatively test failed.

They didn't think for a long time, got into a car with cabinets and drove to Zaporozhye. The night is on the road. In the morning, the driver began to fall asleep. I had to get behind the wheel of a truck and drive a third of the road myself. Closer to 11 in the morning we were already on the beach and began the installation of the complex. Automatic lockers in the city of Zaporizhia By the way, why were our lockers chosen? The cases of our storage rooms are made of high quality sheet steel, which is coated with powder polymer paint. Phosphating of the surface is carried out before painting. This provides high resistance to wear on the case, and also protects it from moisture. As a result, our cases have a long service life. A business trip was planned for just one day, as a result, we spent a week in Zaporozhye. All this time we tested and set up equipment on the beach, set up the operation of a computer system that ensures the operation of our automatic locker. They found hundreds of "jambs" that were not noticeable in the office. In mid-July, Zaporozhye Beach saw the first working universal complex of automatic lockers with color touch displays, automatic devices for charging mobile devices, paid Internet access, ordering a taxi and pizza, and payment terminals. And we returned home tanned, though only on one side, but the work was done in good faith.
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