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Smart Lockers
October 2, 2015

Sochi 2015 season results.

Installation of automatic complexes in shopping and entertainment centers and at exhibitions.
The beach season of Sochi 2015 is coming to an end. Not everything went this year as smoothly as we would like. We will even say more - there were too many difficulties, especially this summer. There are a lot of mistakes, a lot of wrong decisions, a lot of mistakes. But, despite all the difficulties, and in fact, sometimes practically impossible tasks were met - we fulfilled our obligations in full.

All automatic lockerswere installed, additional equipment: (vending machines for charging phones, Internet access paid points, banknotes with change delivery function) was set up. And I thank our customers for their trust and my team for endurance. Thank you!
But now begins a new season of installing lockers, mobile device charging terminals.

Automatic left-luggage office in the city of Sochi post offices in shopping centers, train stations, exhibitions and festivals. Who is where, and we are making money again!? After all, opening a new business with a high level of profit is very simple, especially when working with us.
In this fall-winter season, we have plans to install a dozen complexes in well-traveled places. Link them to the post office network.

And make money on:
- the service of the preservation of things in automatic lockers;
- recharging mobile devices in the device for charging phones;
- paid access to the Internet thanks to specially equipped access points;
- payment terminal; - sending and receiving parcels at the post office;
- calling a taxi and delivering pizza through our electronic system.

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