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Smart Lockers
October 2014

Installation of automatic lockers in shopping and entertainment centers.

Why WE DO NOT PAY for good places to install automatic lockers - postmats ?!

Because lockers solve a number of issues:
1. Improvement of public places, the comfort of visitors.
2. Help to avoid scandals caused by the loss of personal belongings.
3. Favorable atmosphere and positive reviews in the media.
4. AND MOST IMPORTANT, the visitor, having freed his hands and removed his outer clothing, will spend more time in the trading floor.
But this is what directly affects the average bill! The administration of the trading place is fighting for this indicator. In addition, we can provide payment for all goods, services, entertainment with a single payment instrument - a card or an identifying chip.

Preliminary placement of an automatic lockers This will greatly speed up the service of each individual client. In addition, if you use an RFID bracelet as a payment tool, your client will always have a payment tool with him, he will no longer need to go to the storage room for money every time. And access to the locker, by the way, will be carried out on the same bracelet. Convenient for both the client and the mall itself. In addition, the use of a single payment instrument will allow serving customers from different countries, because they can replenish their personal account in any currency.

Also, our complex will automate trade inside your complex. Vending machines do not require a salary, social. package, vacations and sick leave. They occupy a minimum of space and are easy to control. HOW do we agree ??! We look where people with things come . It can be: stations, shopping centers, markets, exhibitions, hospitals, etc. Preliminary placement of an automatic lockers Next, we take a photo of a possible place and go to the manual.

We represent our business project, or rather, just show a photo of our equipment and show options for places where you can install it. BELIEVE, even in the most sought-after retail location, there will be 0.8 m2. After all, the automatic lockers of our design are as compact as possible and extremely convenient to install. Then we import equipment, connect the Internet and work! After all, we offer the service necessary for absolutely everyone: women, men, girls, boys, pensioners and even children, and most importantly the mall itself! CONCLUSION. Through automatic lockers, we get the opportunity to install equipment in a passable place, on which we guarantee a modest income of $ 900 per month, providing the following services:
Preliminary placement of an automatic left-luggage office
- the service of the preservation of things in automatic left-luggage offices;
- recharging mobile devices in machines for charging phones;
- paid access to the Internet;
- payment terminal;
- sending and receiving parcels through the post office;
- taxi call, pizza delivery. We get everything at once: a profitable business, mass advertising and a constant flow of customers. At the same time, the cost of the lockers is minimal and it is not difficult for anyone to buy it.

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