Automatic wooden cabinets for changing rooms, enterprises and offices

The best solution for your premises

Automatic wooden lockers

Our wooden lockers are perfect for:
  • Sports halls
    Our automatic lockers are perfect for any sports locker room.
  • SPA centers
    Our wooden cabinets fit perfectly into the interior of any SPA center.
  • Offices and enterprises
    Many offices have started using automatic wooden cabinets in the locker room.
Find out the price:
Automatic wooden cabinets in the SPA center
Automatic wooden cabinets in the office
Automatic wooden lockers in the sports hall
Automatic wooden cabinets in the SPA center
Automatic wooden cabinets in the office
Automatic wooden lockers in the sports hall
The benefit of such lockers from the MVK MASH
Automatic wooden cabinets from TM MVK MASH provide a number of advantages.
Convenient service for customers
Modern and easy to use for both clients and administrators
Savings on locks and
Now there is no need to purchase a large number of new locks every month
A long-term manufacturer's warranty
It is possible to order an extended warranty of up to 7 years
No theft
Due to the fact that there are no keys, the risk of theft and fraud is 0

Solutions in automatic cabinets

Project development
Drawing development according to your technical task.
Access by phone
Quick access via QR code and mobile application to your belongings in your personal cell.
Remote access
Remote control of automatic lockers - the ability to open, close and assign access to employees or customers.

View statistics: cell statuses (free or occupied), usage time and other various functions.
автоматическая камера хранения видео 2
автоматическая камера хранения видео 3
Opening the cabinet with the help of a card and a bracelet.
Opening the cabinet using the phone. Demonstration of the mobile application.

Automatic cabinets for the enterprise and office, SPA center or sports hall

Our clients

Our successful works

Disinfection system to fight against COVID-19, in automatic storage lockers, April 2020.
Installation of storage rooms for tourists. Italy, Rome, 2018.
Automatic storage locker for chain of stores, March 2016.
Automatic storage locker for the shopping and entertainment center "DreamTown", November 2015.
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Other products
We manufacture automatic storage lockers for train stations, bus stations and airports, taking into considirations the international standards.
It will allow your store to increase the time spent by the customer in the sales hall by 30%, which means increasing the sale of goods and services.
You will meet the modern need of people to stay connected.
The stations are designed to charge most mobile devices.
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