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Smart Lockers

Here is the story of the Italian entrepreneur.

Here is the story of the Italian entrepreneur, who has a small souvenir shop in the center of Rome.
Here is the story of the Italian entrepreneur, who has a small souvenir shop in the center of Rome.
Watching the tourists, he concluded that people are a little depressed while walking as they carry travel bags and heavy backpacks. They always have to pull them or look for a place to leave. Therefore, the entrepreneur Jamie had come up with idea to set automatic lockers directly in the tourist area, and not one, but a whole network of such lockers.
Knowing the cost of such equipment, he took an average figure for the use of cell per day of about €5-10.
Opening of an automatic complex in Rome
When he calculated the revenue part, it turned out that the equipment wouldbe paid out at an average of about one year. For Europe, this is normal. However, Jamie was not satisfied and began to think how to increase revenue from such alocker.
After talking to his friends, and now partners,they concluded that the keys to the hostel and bed linenmight be passed via lockers. In fact, that saves time of the proprietors in the center of Rome.
Web-сайт для резерва и оплаты ячеек
Then they decided to make a powerful web-resource, where the tourists might book cellsfor their travel bags, book a hostel or apartment, get a bed linen and pay for all these services. At that, the payment may be made by any card directly on the website or just being at the automatic locker.
When Jamie came to us with this idea, we did not know what to do. We are the manufacturers, and we do not make the websites. Jamie said that he would do the website in Italy, and we would be responsible for making automatic lockers with different cell sizes. We agreed. However, later we discovered that the website should constantly work with cells: book them, report on whether the debt is paid, see the time of use, etc. The website cannot exist without the locker, and vice versa. They are integrally formed.
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