Automatic lockers with refrigeration

The fresh food storage system is used to solve the problem of delivery from the cold chain to end consumers. The cabinets can be used for cold drinks, but they are also used as fresh food and fruit storage cabinets, solving the problem of keeping food ordered online fresh.

The cabinet body adopts foaming technology to guarantee the insulating function of the box. It is quiet and energy saving due to the use of frequency conversion technology. Autonomous sterilization and deodorization function to ensure the safety and sanitary standards of food storage. Automatic cabinet with refrigeration unit
Automatic cabinet with refrigeration unit
How does the device work
Gets access
Through a guest card, pays for the service on the spot or uses a mobile application
The cell opens
The buyer can pick up the necessary things
The system keeps track of all cells: occupied and empty
Prevents theft and break-ins
Reuse After the buyer picks up his goods and closes the cell, it will be displayed empty in the system.
The field of application
Shopping centers
Amusement parks

We produce such a cabinet from metal in powder coating. Cases are collapsible and easy to transport.
Antennas and readers
We use modern antennas and readers for the correct operation of the automatic complex. All cells are monitored. Missing of goods is absolutely excluded.
Program operation
The software is flexible in settings and has a different logic of work. Cells can be accessed in a variety of ways depending on the application.
Monitoring and service
We have developed a personal account that keeps track of the entire system, customers and possible services. It is possible to connect a mobile application to the operation of the device.

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