Complex of Automatic Lockers for train stations and airports

MVK MASH is a highly specialized company for the production of automatic lockers.

The quality of manufactured products is confirmed by European certificates.

The service life of our lockers is unlimited.
  • Guarantee
    Our equipment has a warranty up to 84 months.
  • Installation
    We take care of everything from preparation of the installation place to the launching of equipment.
  • An experience
    Our equipment has been operating since 2013 in 18 countries around the world.
Grateful Users

Characteristics and equipment
  • Dimensions
    We make a complex according to individual sizes according to your requirements.
  • Material
    We use steel with a thickness of 1-2 mm.
  • Program
    We are going to find the solution suitable for your needs. Available in any language.
  • Payment system
    We build in the complex the possibility of paying by card, banknotes and coins.

  • Multilingualism
    Interface in different languages with voice prompts
  • Multi-tariff
    You can set different tariffs for different regions and times.
  • Security
    CCTV installation and anti-theft mechanical locks
  • Modularity of equipment
    Cells can be of various sizes. Equipment can be placed anywhere in the station.

Successful cases of Automatic Lockers at train stations

Central Station - April, 2018
Railway station - October 2021
Bus station - June, 2019
Central railway station - June, 2022

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