We develop accessible mobile applications and API

Let us automate your business
Get a mobile app and API for your business:

Your business needs:

  • Implementation of a mobile application
    This will expand the sales channel of goods or services, attract additional customers;
  • Implementation of an online store
    It will provide an opportunity to make and receive orders remotely;
  • API and server development
    Automation of business processes and their control.
This should be done because:
No matter what you do, you need immediately:
Get an accessible web and mobile app

Create your own API, server and personal account
Automate the process of receiving and issuing goods and services
We will help you do this, because we:
  • 3 years
    We make mobile applications and APIs quickly and affordably
  • 7 years
    We manufacture automatic parcel lockers and delivery points
  • 10 years
    We are engaged in process automation

Stages of creating software:

Approval of design (prototype)
Evaluation of the terms of execution

Prototype, testing and bug fixing
Demonstration to the client

Release of finished software
Adding new functionality

After implementing the web/mobile application and API, you will get:

Automating the delivery of meals, products, and things for your business
Reduction of personnel costs and acceleration of delivery time of goods and services
Your client receives a cool and convenient service thanks to modern desktop and web applications
A personal account that will allow you to see all statistics and manage business processes and your staff
You can get all this for affordable money because:
  • We create web and mobile applications with standard design, logo and color palette of your company. We can also create applications according to your layout.
  • We use ready-made software modules and templates to reduce development time.
  • We make PWA applications and use "light languages" for programming.

Demonstration of the mobile application

Get a verification code in seconds using your phone!
We can add any kind of verification to the app!

Appearance of desktop software, web applications and API

Remote control using a computer or smartphone via an app or browser - the ability to open, close and grant access to employees or customers.

View statistics: cell statuses (free or occupied), usage time and other various functions.

All necessary functionality is programmed individually for each project.
Also, if:
  • You have
    Vending machine or coffee machine
    You need
    Integrate payment by card
  • You have
    Automatic storage locker
    You need
    New software with any logic
  • You have
    Mechanical storage lockers
    You need
    Make them automatic
  • You have
    Any vending business
    You need
    Make a mobile application

Successful cases

автоматическая камера хранения видео 2
автоматическая камера хранения видео 3
Creation of a mobile application for the user and an internal application for the staff. Automated point of issue of orders from the MVK MASH
Demonstration of the mobile application. Opening the cabinet using the phone.

Our clients

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мвк маш клиенты фото 1
мвк маш клиенты фото 1
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Our products
We manufacture automatic storage lockers for train stations, bus stations and airports, taking into account accepted international standards.
It will allow your store to increase the time spent by the customer in the sales hall by 30%, and therefore increase the sale of goods and services.
You will meet the modern need of people to stay connected.
The stations are designed to charge most mobile devices.
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