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Smart Lockers

Automatic towel locker

The automatic towel cabinet consists of two modules: a module for the delivery of clean towels and a module for the return of towels.
Each module is a different size and made of stainless steel. The clean towel unit contains racks with shelves for 300-500 towels.
The towel return module contains a bin that collects used towels. Each towel has a washable RFID tag sewn into it, the size of a paper clip.
Guests can access the towels by various algorithms: by swiping their room card, paying for the service on site or via a mobile app.
Automatic towel dispenser
How the device works
Gets access
Via guest card, paying for the service on the spot or using a mobile app
Grab a towel
A cabinet opens with clean towels.
The system keeps track of all towels: clean, in use, dirty and prevents them from being stolen.
Return of the towel
Used towels are collected in a single bin, which is easy to replace.
Application area
Sport Sals

Case variants
We produce this kind of cabinet from stainless steel or plain metal in powder coating. The enclosures are collapsible and easy to transport.
Antennas and readout
We use state-of-the-art antennas and readouts to ensure that the automatic complex works correctly. All towels are accounted for. There is no missing towel.
Program work
The software is flexible to set up and has different operating logic. The towels can be accessed in different ways depending on the application.
Monitoring and service
We have developed a personal office that keeps track of all towels, customers and possible services. It is possible to connect a mobile app to the unit's operation.

Single cabinet

Double cabinet
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