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Production of Automatic Lockers
Our company in numbers
13 years
Market Experience
14 countries
Geography of located complexes
178 projects
Successfully implemented by our company
2850 euro
The average income of the complex per month


  • Smart Lockers for beaches and festivals
  • Smart Locker Room for Travel Centers
  • Automatic lockers for train stations and airports
  • Automatic lockers of supermarkets and shopping centers
  • Smart parcel box
  • Smart Charger
  • Smart vending machines

  • Key&Letter Smart Box
  • Smart pick-up point for your business
  • Automatic towel locker
  • Flower vending machine
  • Automated drop off & pick up lockers for laundry/dry cleaning
  • Automatic lockers with refrigeration
  • Automatic wooden cabinets
Characteristics and equipment
Production Stages:
  1. Design of automatic lockers by our engineers;
  2. Producing of metal parts and powder painting of cases;
  3. Preparation of electrical components and installation;
  4. Download software for equipment and testing;
  5. The final one is packaging, delivery and commissioning of the automatic complex at the facility
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How do we make automatic
lockers - Smart Lockers?

Development, design and production of automatic lockers (Smart Lockers) and smart parcel lockers.
MVK MASH company is an enterprise for the production of automatic Smart Lockers for tourist cities, beaches, shops, train stations and airports. The company also produces smart parcel box and software for their management. We carry out a complete closed production cycle from development to the launch of equipment. Thanks to this approach, we managed to significantly reduce the cost of the equipment supplied without loss of quality and bring automated systems to the market at a low price. We manufacture cases for automatic lockers regardless of size, using mainly accessories and peripherals of European suppliers. Additionally, customers have the opportunity to change or expand the software.
Equipment could be delivered to anywhere in the world at the most favorable tariffs of transport companies. We have been cooperating with them for a long time, so we are confident in the reliability of packaging and the quality of delivery of automatic lockers. Together with the customer, we select the carrier and the route with the most optimal conditions for the terms and prices, prepare the entire package of necessary documents, independently carry out the shipment, control the customs clearance and the movement of goods. In order to reduce customs costs and significantly save on delivery for the customer, we prepare storage rooms for shipment both in assembled and in disassembled form. For countries of the customs union, we produce Smart Lockers directly on the territory of Russia.

Commissioning works

Regardless of the method of delivery of automatic lockers (assembled or disassembled), such equipment is simply and quickly assembled, mounted and put into operation. In order to facilitate commissioning, all connections and mounting holes are suitable for quick assembly and disassembly. The cell modules are lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble for further transportation. The supply of lockers includes all the necessary instructions and tools. At the request of the customer, we provide a technical specialist to perform all assembly and tuning procedures for the automated lockers. This will save you time on equipment startup and be sure of its functionality.
Technical support
It is very important for our company that our Smart Lockers work without failures and provide high-quality services. Therefore, we organized a technical service that provides services and solves a number of issues:
• consultation on installation and operation;
• adjustment of equipment operation at the request of the customer;
• setting tariffs and improving software performance;
• remote monitoring of lockers;
• setting equipment on the service console.
Still have questions?
Get advice from our technical engineer
  • Anton Severtsev
    Technical Project Manager
    4.5 years of professional work experience
  • Alexey Mulchenko
    Technical Specialist
    8 years of professional work experience
  • Vladislav Dunaev
    Technical Specialist
    5.5 years professional experience

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8 reasons why you should work with us
  • International partner
    Our complexes are profitable in 14 countries: from Eastern Europe to the Caribbean
  • Flexible equipment
    Technical specialists will help you to choose a complete set of equipment based on customer needs and location
  • Computer based implementation
    This approach gives a convenient interface, multilingualism, remote access, an expanded admin panel and many other advantages
  • Parts Warranty
    We use only proven components from European suppliers and can extend the warranty to 7 years
  • Reliable materials
    The housings are made of steel, treated with anti-corrosion coating and powder coated.
  • Experts in their field
    We have been working in the market of automatic lockers since 2008 and have successfully completed more than 178 projects
  • Phased payment
    Payment takes place in 3 stages with a maturity of the entire amount after the complex is put into operation
  • Equipment certification
    Our equipment is certified by international certificates in Europe, Ukraine and Russia
How we are working
After completing the application, a manager contacts you, demonstrates the work of the equipment, selects a complete set and forms an order.
Production 25-45 days
During this period, the production of cases takes place, the preparation of electrical components, installation, software uploading, and equipment testing.
Delivery 10 days
Delivery to anywhere in the world. We independently select the route and the carrier. We prepare the entire package of documents and control the shipment, customs clearance and movement of goods.
Installation and assembly
The set automatic lockers includes all the necessary tools for assembly. The equipment is easily assembled and put into operation. Upon request, we provide a specialist for commissioning.
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The process of manufacturing computer lockers, smart parcel box and automatic lockers.
Automatic lockers (Smart Lockers), smart parcel box, charging station.

Cases of successful installations of automatic lockers

Italy, Rome 2018
Italy, Rome 2018
Austria, Wien 2018
Austria, Wien 2018
Montenegro, Budva 2016
Spain, Alicante 2018
Ukraine, Kyiv 2019
United States, Puerto Rico 2018
Ukraine, Kyiv 2016
Ukraine, Lviv 2013
Russia, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur 2015
Kazakhstan, Temirtau 2014
Our equipment is installed
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Sign up for a demonstration of the equipment
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