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Manufacturing a wide range of the lockers is the main activity of MVK Group LLC. The company has been operating and developing since 2001.

In 2009, it opened a structural unit “PYaKh”, which specialized in production of the lockers for beaches that were designed for operation on the beach. The basic idea was that the provision of storage services can also be an advantageous business that combines social initiative and profitable activity.

In 2011, joint Ukrainian-Russian enterprise for the production of lockers was established. Plants producing casings for the lockers are located in the central part of Ukraine and Russia; thereby they meet the needs of Russian, Ukrainian and European customers quickly and profitably.

Establishment of the structural unit “MVK-MASH” in 2013 is a logical development of our company. Developing the idea of lockers as the type of business activity, we have come to the conclusion that for the success of business in this area it’s necessary to minimize human involvement in the provision of services. This resulted in the development and launch of production of automatic lockers on the basis of our production capacities.

While developing, we were able to analyze the foreign experience and derive a formula of effective automatic locker to provide paid services. Our locker is a flexible device that combines the familiar convenience of a locker with a vending machine.

By creating a computer-based automation, we could implement complex solutions for our equipment. For the moment they include:

— automatic locker with function of charging mobile devices;
— terminal for calling a taxi and ordering goods and services;
— payment terminal;
— packstation/postamat — automatic station for dispatching orders and parcels.

Currently, we are working on creation of additional software products that can significantly increase functionality and profitability of our equipment. In the next six months we plan to finish work on:

— vending machines for bulky and fragile goods;
— stations for collecting and dispatching orders for dry-cleaners and service centers;
— concierge service;
— instamats for printing photos from social media and photos on magnets.

Main production facilities, development department and workshop for assembly of automatic lockers are located in Ukraine, Kiev. In this way, we were able to reduce the costs at all production stages — from design to assembly. Experts working on the project have graduated from one of the best technical universities in the CIS — National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTUU “KPI”).

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