Plant for the production of housings

The main production facilities, the development department and the workshop for assembling automatic storage chambers are located in Ukraine, the city of Kiev. Legal representation in Moscow, authorized to conclude contracts and receive payment on the territory of Russia. In the city of Perm there is our powerful partner, which actively develops the automatics market and finds new niches. We have clients and partners in Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Puerto Rico.

Our doors are always open, but a preliminary record for a meeting with representatives of our companies is mandatory! This can be done by phone in Ukraine +38 (099) 204-26-27, in Russia +7 (499) 346-65-76 or by skype: MVKmash

The automatic storage chambers of our design make it possible to collect them anywhere. We produce demountable cases, which allow us to assemble one module of the storage chamber into twelve cells in 40 minutes. The electronic periphery is easy to install and can also be removed easily. The entire installation of the automatic storage chamber does not require special knowledge and tools.

We are ready to start production of automatic storage chambers at 50% prepayment. Shipment of equipment to the customer is carried out with full payment. We always go to the meeting with our customers and are ready to consider any other options for cooperation.

We have a representative office in Europe. At the moment, we are talking about building a workshop for the assembly of computer storage and post offices directly in Cyprus, in Bulgaria and in Spain.

Our company has been operating for 14 years. Our main principles: honesty, openness, conscientiousness. We guarantee the fulfillment of our obligations as soon as possible.

Production in Ukraine

LLC “MVKGrupp” 03680, Ukraine, Str. Solomenskaya 3

phone: +38 (099) 204-26-27


Skype: MVKmash

Representation in Russia

111398 Russian Federation Ltd. “MVK MASH” Moscow, Grayvoronovsky Passage, 9a, bulding 2-7

phone: +7 (499) 346-65-76


The main office building

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